Children with special needs, tied in a most abusive way

Declaration of Hope and Homes for Children România Foundation, referring to the abusive situation on a child with special needs in a Family Type Home in Bucharest, Sector 6

We have seen the shocking images of a child with special needs, tied to a door outside, in the courtyard of a family type home in the administration of DGASPC Sector 6, which has the guardianship and the entire legal responsibility on the children in placement and also on the members of staff employed. We are revolted that such unacceptable abuse upon children is still present in our country. The trauma the children go through is our main preocupation, and we put at the disposal of DGASPC Sector 6 our specialised members of staff, who can support them in the next period of time.

We consider that an emergency investigation should lead to the direct accountability of the members of staff who traumatised the children.

It is a family type home we developed in 2014 in Sector 6, in Bucharest, and transfered it to the administration of DGASPC Sector 6, when the project was finalised. Such traumatising images through their violence on children with special needs justify, in the most poignant way, the urgency of the reform in the child protection system in our country, including the quality of care the most vulnerable children receive.


Hope and Homes for Children România