Young adults leaving care and the problems they face

Had I grown up in a state system, taken from one institution to another, changing unexpectedly my entire life, switching from a group of people to another, ending friendships without my acceptance, being torn apart from carers whom I dared consider ”mother” and ”father” - I would have certainly been in a different situation. I think one needs unbelievable amounts of ambition, self-awareness, strength and self-confidence, simply to face life without a family on a day to day basis. I guess coping with hardships, being up to the expectations of those around you, and observing rules established without your consent, or input - are not easy tasks. And then, when young adults about to leave care are low performers in school, exhibit challenging behaviour, or fail to meet expectations, we often treat them as anybody else. As anybody else who had the chance of a life in a family. As anybody else who had love, appreciation and affection when he/she most needed them. But such young adults, deprived of love, appreciation, acceptance or affection are not like anybody else. I think one can call it a success if they manage to stay sane under such circumstances as those they grew up in. I think they have all the reasons to fail. Not that they deserve to fail, but that life gave them estrangement, distance, hostility, depreciation and cynicism.  And if, after all this, they are capable of graduating a school, getting a diploma, finding a job, and making a life of their own - then they are true heroes.


These are my kind of heroes. And I am privileged to have some of them as my friends.

Legendary Champions Are in the HHC România Team!

Very rarely do I have the opportunity to announce such elite partners for our programmes! Legends of sports, some of the most valuable names, such as Nicoleta Grasu, Doina Melinte, Mihai Leu, Camelia Potec, Maricica Puică, Virgil Stănescu, Monica Iagăr, Elisabeta Lipă, Iulian Stamate, or Amatto Zaharia, are part of our Hope and Homes for Children România, team. All of them expose their medals in our special stand, at the  Sport Expo exhibition, in the International Bucharest Marathon. They will be present at the marathon, running for us, in the HHC Romania T-shirts!

Between 3 and 5 October, we are organising a live museum of Romanian sports, with their memorabilia: - The professional boxing Champion Belt, awarded to Mihai Leu, in 1997 - The rally equipment in which Mihai Leu became national rally champion - The last bronze medal awarded in 2009, in Rome, to Camelia Potec, olympic champion, and President of the Romanian Swimming Federation. - The "IKF World Kempo Championship" Cup 2011, awarded to Amatto Zaharia, President of the Romanian Kempo Federation - The First Prize Cup, awarded to Virgil Stanescu in 2012, in the National Basketball League. He is Vice-President of the Romanian Basketball Federation. - The T-Shirt in which Virgil Stănescu played for the American basketball team South Alabama, as he is part of the team"s Hall of Fame. - The T-Shirt in which Iulian Stamate, national handball team player, won the Hungary Cup, in 2009.

I am proud to have in our team on Sunday, for the Marathon, such amazing personalities, who have written history in the world of sports and have, intrinsically, done so much good for our country.

My Children Run with Me to Raise Funds for the Poorest of Children

On October 5, two of my children, Mara, age 17, and Aaron, age 14, accompanied by myself, will run in the Bucharest International Marathon. I am really glad they had the initiative to take this challenge, in favour of the most vulnerable children in Romania, those still surviving in state institutions, and those about to be torn apart from their families. In the marathon, we will be joined by more than 60 supporters, celebrities and friends whose aim is to raise funds for the children and families we are here to serve.

Please join us, help us raise funds to eradicate institutional care and prevent child abandonment!

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